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Different Solutions to suit All Budgets

From strategy to execution, we cover the full breadth of marketing services that bring your brand’s identity to life.

Design & Print

Visual Identity - Branding - Logo Design - Brochure - Poster (In / Outdoors) - Goodies & Designs on different Print supports.

Domain Name Registration

Generally every Website Starts With A Domain Name Registration.

Business Consultancy

Our consultants are experts at helping businesses achieve their goals. We offer a wide range of services to improve efficiency, increase sales, and navigate challenges

Web Design & Development

We create Database driven websites for schools, medical, real estates, small businesses, NGOs & churches.

Web Hosting

Experience incredible performance delivered by our Cloud Hosting Server.


From strategy to execution, we cover the full breadth of marketing services that bring your brand’s identity to life.

Mobile App Development

App design, hosting, App development and ecommerce Apps. If it’s App-related we can help.

Email Hosting

Brand your emails for a more professional image. e.g.

Social Media

We take care of the everyday tasks that one would need to perform on your social media pages such as creating content, copywriting etc.

Logo Design & Brand Identity

We are a true partner, whether we are increasing awareness of your existing brand through a rebranding strategy, building a ground-breaking new logo or joining both.

Need Brand Strategy Expertise? Would you like us to create a logo that is immediately recognizable, memorable, and enduring? Contact our branding agency to discuss your creative requirements!

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Website Design & Development

With a focus on users’ needs, we design websites that grow brands and drive audiences to action.

A website is a crucial way of positioning your company online.

A website is a brand touchpoint, a business tool, and a place to drive critical conversions. A professionally crafted website can be an engine of business growth. A poorly-developed site can inflict damage to your brand.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business improve its presence online and get more clients!

We’ve really enjoyed working with Zykar Solutions and it has been a journey together to achieve the outcome we wanted  – a seamless online experience and an engaging visual presence.
Roulcent Mubanga
Bonface Mubanga
CEO of Big Team Enterprises
Zykar Solutions has a great team so good you can’t ignore it. I can imagine all great artists and thinkers are great workers too. The greatest teacher I know is the job itself. These guys just did it and taught me we still have great web designers out there. When I say great designers
Mortson Kasomo
Mortson Kasomo

Our Services Were Chosen By +40 Businesses

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Empowering small businesses to scale online.

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